Thursday, October 20, 2016

How to get to Long Wharf

From Route 50, turn on to Maryland Ave.
Proceed over the Cambridge Creek Draw Bridge.
Turn right at the light.
Turn right at the next light on to Gay St.
Turn right on to High Street (yellow brick.)
Proceed to the end of High St.
The Schooner Rendezvous is on the right.

  • Vendors: look for George in a yellow jacket. he will direct you to your assigned space.


Good Morning,
Thank you for participating in the Cambridge Schooner Rendezvous, This is a non-profit event hosted by the Richardson Maritime Museum of Cambridge, MD. 
You will be assigned as a space number to erect you tent and locate your tables. Those requiring electricity will be positioned for access to the power sources.  Spaces have been marked with chalk for your assistance. 
Please have all vehicles off the event area by 9:30 AM. Opening ceremonies begin at 10:00 AM.  People begin to arrive just before the opening.  See the program brochure for more details. 
Parking is available at the Municipal Parking lot. A map is attached.  Head back toward town on High Street. (Follow the yellow brick road.) Turn right at the first traffic light. Turn left at the traffic light at Gay St. Follow the signs.
The event shuts down on Saturday and Sunday at 5 PM. We ask you to keep your displays in place until 5 PM.  Please note that Long Wharf is an unsecured area. The police are on the alert to patrol; but, no one will be on the site full time. Valuables should not be left on the site overnight.
Weather is always a wild card for outdoor events.  We ask you to keep in touch with the forecast to anticipate changing conditions. Wind can be a problem along the river. Be prepared to weigh down you tent and secure your merchandise.
We want you to have a successful experience at the CSR.  At any time, you may call me or text me on my cell phone at (443)-521-9920.  Feel free to email me at .  If you cannot find me, ask the Information desk.

Many Thanks,
George Breig – Exhibitor and Vendor Coordinator
cell:   (443)521-9920
Schooner Rendezvous October 22,23, 2016, Cambridge, Long Wharf
The Richardson Maritime Museum
401 High St, PO BOX 1198

Cambridge, Maryland 21613
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Guess who's coming to the Schooner Rendezvous

Merchants, exhibitors of all kinds.
Organizations, jewelers, artists, crafts, home decor, antiques, boat supplies
BBQ, Steamed crabs, Shucked oysters, beer, wine, ice cream, peanuts,

Adams' clothing
Anything Wood
Bath Fitters
Cal's Puttering
Cambridge Sail & Power Squadron
Cambridge Yacht Club
Coast Guard Auxiliary
Darnell's Barbeque
Deal Island Images
Deer Forest Antiques
Dorchester Citizens for Planned Growth
Everything That Glitters
Folio Art Glass
Friends of the Library
Gabbin's Ice Cream
Glass Tidings
Greensprings wood turning
Hertitage Museums & Gardens of Dorchester
Hooper's Island Aquaculture
Horn Point
Jambury Nail Designs
Jamie Baldwin Photography
Jen's Blends
Jim and Tina Custom Signs
JoAnn Emmanuel
Kurth Airbrush
Lauri Fisher
Love Craft
Maggii Sarfaty Fine Art
Mark E. Williams Blacksmith
Mary Kay
Mary's Gems
ME Creations
Mendura Originals
Mid-shore River Keeper Conservancy
Phillip's Wharf Fishmobile
Richardson Maritime Museum
Rope Locker
Seagals Gallery of DE
Searchlight Photography
Shore Things
Shoregood Farms
Soap Mixology
Something for Me
Suburban Avenger Screen Prints
Taylor Made Baskets
Thomas Fine Jewelry
Torbert's   Decoys
True Oyster restoration Initiative
Tuckahoe Sail & Canvas

Lady Maryland 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Kicking off the Cambridge Schooner Rendezvous!

Roger Worthington and the Prom Queen will be featured on WBOC’s Delmarva Life on Thursday at 5pm. 
It will also be available to view online either Friday or Monday.

Featuring Sean Streicher of WBOC

Melissa T
Executive Assistant
 Richardson Maritime Museum
401 High Street
P O Box 1198
Cambridge, MD 21613
410-221-1871 office

"Putting History on the Water"

Friday, October 14, 2016

Know a Duck? Want a Pet Duck? Ducks are Trending! DUCK! DUCK! DUCK!

DUCKS?  You will find all that you can manage at George Torbert's Decoys.

While you're watching  television, George is carving ducks, ducks , and more ducks.
This is his passion. 

Stop by for a conversation.
Be sure to buy some of their homemade relishes.


More Quackers!

Name that duck.
Where's Daffy? Donald? Daisy?

The Torberts have been long time exhibitors at the Cambridge Schooner Rendezvous.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

HIghlights: Hooper Island Oyster Aquaculture

This is the future for a long tradition of watermen on the Chesapeake.
Hoopers Island Aqua Culture Co. will be at the the Cambridge Schooner Rendezvous. 
See the video on their site. click here

HIOAC: About Us
Hooper's Island Oyster Aquaculture Company has been created to produce and market high quality half-shell oysters and the equipment needed to support the aquaculture industry in the State of Maryland. Through thorough research, we have successfully built equipment and designed a system that will easily transition the traditional methods of the Maryland waterman into a cutting edge industry. The development of a new oyster industry that parallels the existing public fishery will re-establish a healthy balance within the oyster fishery and the entire Maryland seafood industry. This new balance will establish Maryland oysters as a sustainable product.

Bringing the bounty of the Chesapeake to the Cambridge Schooner Rendezvous
That is very important to today’s consumer. We, as a society, have played a role in the deterioration 
of the Chesapeake Bay and we must all work to improve its overall quality. Through the development of oyster aquaculture, the Maryland waterman will be seen as contributors to the ecological recovery of the Bay. As an industry, we must be progressive and start recognizing today’s societal demands and find ways to leverage them in positive ways. These new approaches will be the first of many steps forward in the revitalization of the Chesapeake Bay and the Maryland seafood industry.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Cambridge Schooner Rendezvous goes on TV

See Cambridge Schooner Rendezvous on Delmarva Life.
Sailing on "Prom Queen"
5:00 PM- 6:00 PM
Standby for more information.

Sean Streicher cruises with Captain Roger on Prom Queen